Great religions come and go, continents have risen up and tumbled into the ocean, and once great civilizations descended into turmoil, while the wisdom that comes from the study of the stars has remained reliable, practical, and honest.

What if I told you that the meaning of Mars in Aries is going to remain constant – whether the book was written last year or two thousand years ago – would you believe me? It is because the study of the stars started when our ancestors’ scratched pictures onto cave walls and marked notches to count the nights between the full moons.

For cave dwellers, knowing the seasons and days between New and Full moons were essential for survival. Today, we don’t live and die by the phases of the moon, but our inner experience is shaped by these cosmic influences – and knowing the connections makes us more effective and resourceful.
Astrology helps us to understand our attitude and intentions. It can tell us when to act – and a natal chart shows both the Cosmic events and the position of zodiac signs at the time of birth – which can predict many of the pre-destined events in a person’s lifetime.

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