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Power, Purpose, Direction: Astrology for the 2020's

This book is in Two Parts :

Part One

it is a sequence of short chapters explaining astrology concepts in easy-to-understand language

Part Two

It talks about your North Node – and you don’t need an astrology chart, just skip to the Appendix, look up your birth year and read the chapter for your Life Purpose – and, no, it’s not the same as your Sun sign – but, if you want to know more, go to Chapter 16: FAQ about North Node.

That chapter explains why it’s so important to be “You on Purpose,” and when you get there, you’ll want to read for your children, loved ones, friends and the people you mentor.

Chapters in Part One

How the Outer Planets Change History
Astrology of Revolutions – Cosmic Trigger Points
What to say to people who don’t believe
What is Cookbook Astrology?
Mercury Retrograde is a bad time to buy a car or cell phone
Was there a “You” before you were born?
Unseen Energy Vibrations

– like telepathy, spirit visitations, the vibe in the room – and the Big Love that changes everything

Sending You Power, Purpose, Direction